Terms & Conditions

Please pay close attention to the General Business Conditions as these are accepted automatically with your binding booking.


1. Booking Query and Booking

The sending of a query per online form or per email establishes contact to Amour-Escort whereby the client merely asks about the booking possibility without making a binding booking. Amour-Escort then makes contact with the client, informs him of the escort lady’s availability and gives further details or suggests any necessary changes. When an agreement has been reached between Amour-Escort and the client as to the most important points, especially the type and length of the service, then Amour-Escort sends the client an email confirming the agreement, or, where the time element makes it necessary, confirms per telephone.


2. Booking renewal / extension

Should the client wish for an extension of the current service he can arrange this directly with the escort lady according to her schedule. She then informs Amour-Escort and collects the additional costs incurred in cash.


3. Charges

The charges for the time invested by the escort lady can be found on the “Sedcards or our webiste in link models fee” of the individual escort lady under the point: models fees. The same process also allows travel cost calculation should a client wish the service of an escort lady in another named destination. Charges for plane and rail tickets are calculated individually according to destination, seasons and booking times. The current salary charges are valid at the time of booking. Increased plane or rail ticket costs incurred after booking must be paid for by the client.


4. Methods of payment.

Unless otherwise agreed payment in cash follows at the beginning of the initial meeting, in an unsealed envelope, between the escort lady and the client. When the escort lady’s services are booked for two days or a longer journey by car, rail or plane to a predetermined destination is involved, then a payment of % of the fee must be made as a deposit to the company account.

Payment by Credit Card:
Credit Cards are debited immediately by our agency following service booking. We recommend the printing and saving of all particulars of the transaction and the General Business Conditions which should be stored in an easily accessible place.

Once payment has been made to the account from Amour-Escort, the arrangement is binding.
In case of travel arrangements, e.g. Flight ticket bookings, payment must be made in advance to the official company account so that Amour-Escort can make final ticket bookings.


5. Booking changes

At the client’s wish and in cases of emergency Amour-Escort makes booking changes when possible. Amour-Escort must be informed about booking changes ideally in writing, otherwise by telephone, at least 24 hours in advance. Amour-Escort takes out cancellation insurance for plane and rail ticket bookings whenever possible, but if a cancellation causes extra costs, the client must pay these. Otherwise the client has to pay the full charges.


6. Cancellation

As long as the client cancels the agreement at least 24 hours in advance, the payment, which was made in advance, will be reimbursed if the reason for cancellation is reasonable. If cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the arrangement, the client’s payment will be payed back with less of 50 Euro admin fee. Amour-Escort takes out cancellation insurance for plane and rail ticket bookings whenever possible, but if a cancellation causes extra costs, the client must pay these. Otherwise the client has to pay the full charges.


7. Travel insurance

When a client books tickets himself, he takes out a travel insurance to cover any cancellation costs.


8. Booking cancellation by Amour-Escort

Amour-Escort commits itself to the best possible performance and client satisfaction in connection with the fulfillment of any mutual agreements made. In case of illness or of an accident of the booked service lady, thus preventing fulfillment of the arrangement, Amour-Escort will suggest an alternative lady, when possible. If the client rejects this solution, then all arrangements are void for both parties. Any salary payments made in advance will be reimbursed immediately.


10. Passport, Visa, Customs, Currency and Health Regulations

For journeys outside the European Union Amour-Escort takes no responsibility for obtaining and distributing obligatory visas, which clients must obtain themselves, allowing for up to 8 weeks. Please ensure that all passports and ID documents are valid. The responsibility for this lies with the client.

All travel cancellation costs or disadvantages resulting from not fulfilling these obligations must be carried by the client.


11. Data Protection

All personal data is protected by data protection laws, especially by the federal data protection law.
All personal data appearing on the Website https://escort-high-class.de/en/imprint/ are on the basis of voluntary client information. This personal information is used exclusively for booking and is not revealed to any third person. The client agrees to the use of personal data for such bookings when he sends them online.


12. In General

Infectivity regarding individual points in the contract do not make the complete agreement ineffective. The place of justice for all persons who have no national legal rights, or who went to live abroad after making the contract, or whose whereabouts are unknown at the time of a court case or for so-called passive cases, is on the premises of Amour-Escort in it’s location.