Qualities you need to make a good escort lady:

– you are at least 20 and not more than 35 years old – you do not work for another escort agency
– you are searching for an agency with fair conditions – you are imaginative, educated and flexible
– you speak English fluently – you know how to behave in the midst of VIPs
– you want to stay our employee for at least one year – you are seductive and love luxus
– you are absolutely reliable – you have a beautiful face and have the measurements of a model
– you do not just want to earn money fastly – you love erotik
– you like travelling and love High-Class Hotels – you are a discreet and honest person
– you love to be booked even for one or two weeks – You want to earn above-average amount of money

Then apply now for Amour-Escort®.com with the following form. Complete the form only takes a few minutes. We need at least a meaningful picture of yourself (face and full body) to process your application.

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Your pictures are not be published and is required only for internal purposes. If you dont want to show your face in the website for personal reasons, this is easily possible.

We look forward to receiving your application!